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We’re getting loads of interest in Wattletree, so I’m starting a weekly update, where I’ll let you know the latest product development, FAQs, what we’re hearing around the market and more. If you don’t want to receive this, please unsubscribe here. No hard feelings!

We’ve got a website!

And once you’ve got a website, you’re totes legit right? Well, we think so. Plus it’s helpful if you have a colleague who’s asking about Wattletree but you don’t have time to explain it – you can send them here instead!

Where does Wattletree fit in again?

Essentially, DDO product governance has three stages:
1. your hypotheses regarding target market and product
2. testing to see if it’s working (this is where Wattletree comes in)
3. adjusting either the target market or the product (or both)

And then as a bonus. Wattletree also gives you great intel about your customers that you can use for future product development, marketing campaigns and more.

What’s coming next?

Great question. DDO is a fast moving game and things are constantly changing. We’re currently working on FAQs, blogs and pricing (early adopter pricing anyone?). Stay tuned for next week’s instalment.

Let’s talk

If there’s a burning DDO question that no-one seems to have a good answer to, or you just need to understand how Wattletree works in more detail, please get in touch. I invite you to shoot through your Q’s using the below form or alternatively you can call me on 0417 970 818. There’s no such thing as a silly question*.

*OK, we all know that’s rubbish but you know what I mean!

Cheers, Sarah

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