This week in the Wattletree news, how the h*ll can we just use names and addresses to give you useable information about your clients? Plus, which product types are suitable for Wattletree and how to get a test run done to prove to yourself that this really might just work…

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Geo-demographics is the analysis of people based on where they live. It’s a tried and tested approach that has been around for the best part of 40 years. The power of geo-demographics rests on two key principles. The first, is people living in the same neighbourhood are more likely to be similar to one another than two people chosen at random. The second principle is that areas can be segmented on the profiles of their residents. This allows geo-demographic segmentation to infer the characteristics and behaviour patterns of the residents in each area.

Wattletree uses a combination of geo-demographics, any available data points (for instance salary if for an income protection insurance policy) plus purchasing behaviour to create a record for each customer and therefore an overall view of the customers who hold each product. As more companies use Wattletree, the richness of the available insights will increase due to both more data points as well as our ability to build more complex predictive models.

What sort of products can be ‘Wattletreed’?

Any product for which someone has the name and address of the client. That’s all we need. So Wattletree can be used to track managed funds, platforms, insurance products, etc, all the way through to bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages and even more bespoke products like car finance and pet insurance.

Can I see what you can do with my client data?

Sure thing. We can do 5-10K client records for $1 per record. This is a great way to get a sneak peak of who your customers really are, as well as be shocked and surprised by how quickly we can make it happen. We’re talking weeks not months baby!

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