When I sent out last weeks update, I was delighted to receive a LOT of ‘out of office’ messages. Why? Because reg change is bl**dy hard work and everyone needs to take regular breaks.

This week, I thought we’d go back to basics and explain where Wattletree fits in the DDO mix with a nifty diagram. Read on McDuff…

The DDO lifecycle

A core component of DDO is knowing if the whole thing is working!

Everyone I speak to is putting in serious effort to get their TMDs up and running, with workable definitions of target markets and sensible distribution conditions. And those all important ‘fund manager <> platform’ conversations are finally taking place. Good work team.

However, the next question is, how will you know if all your hard work is getting the desired result? Do you want to wait until something goes horribly wrong and you have a sig dealing on your hands? Or would you rather have an ongoing helicopter view of your customers that will show you well in advance if something is starting to look a bit odd. I know what I’d prefer! Personally, I hate surprises, even good ones…

Let’s talk

If there’s a burning DDO question that no-one seems to have a good answer to, or you just need to understand how Wattletree works in more detail, please get in touch. I invite you to shoot through your Q’s using the below form or alternatively you can call me on 0417 970 818. There’s no such thing as a silly question*.

*OK, we all know that’s rubbish but you know what I mean!

Cheers, Sarah

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