Let’s talk about making life easier. ‘Cos between lockdown, DDO, IDR, Breach Reporting and just general end of year stuff, I know most people are struggling. Plus it’s only 10 weeks until DDO goes live! GAHHHHH!!!!

So here are a few (totally not Wattletree-related) things you can do to stop yourself from losing the plot.

1 – DDO complaints management doing your head in?

The FSC is running a webinar next Wednesday where we (yes sorry I’m one of the speakers!) will walk through the DDO complaints reporting requirements for distributors and how to make it easier. I’ve even built an .xls spreadsheet to simplify things further. Register here.

2 – To-do list that goes on for dayzzzzz…

Throw it out. And block time in your calendar instead. You’ll soon see what you can and can’t get done. And then you can talk to your boss about what’s on your plate.

And maybe some of it can wait? In fact, there’s probably more than one item which is in the ‘nice to have’ not ‘OMG we need that right now’ bucket.

3 – Waking up at 2am with your mind spinning?

That, my friend is anxiety. And unfortunately, what with Covid and all, everyone I speak to is having trouble sleeping at the moment. Either trouble falling asleep or waking up at 2am with your mind racing.

If that’s you, try writing a worry list. Can be a stream of consciousness or an actual list, doesn’t matter. But get all the random thought out of your head and onto paper and you’ve got a much better chance of sleeping OK.

And failing that, keep a pen and paper next to your bed so you can write down all your ideas at 2am. Just keep that phone AWAY!

4 – Becoming a hermit?

Phone a friend! Come on, most of the people reading this are children of the 80s or 90s. We are EXPERTS at using the phone! Yes, even you blokes. I remember quite well… Connecting with the outside world is super important when you are stuck at home.

So instead of going cross eyed watching some random show on Netflix that you’re not even that into, get on the blower and call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.

5 – Just completely stuck?

Get thee outside. Even just a walk around the block for 5 minutes will help.

Or if you can, join your next work meeting from your phone, and take yourself for a proper walk. Walking meetings are totally a thing y’all, and just because the other person isn’t beside you, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Let’s talk

If there’s a burning DDO question that no-one seems to have a good answer to, or you just need to understand how Wattletree works in more detail, please get in touch. I invite you to shoot through your Q’s using the below form or alternatively you can call me on 0417 970 818. There’s no such thing as a silly question*

*OK, we all know that’s rubbish but you know what I mean!

Cheers, Sarah

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