It’s been a while hasn’t it? Don’t know about you, but lockdown, home schooling, work – it all just got to me for a while there. But I’m back! And we are announcing a partnership with a funds management client! I am very excited. Read on to find out more!

PS: is there such a thing as too many exclamation marks? Probably. But not today groovers!

Wattletree announced a partnership with… Fundhost!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it… (OK Penn, let’s not start singing…)

Here’s what Drew Wilson, Co-CEO of Fundhost says “Managed Fund applications already have too many confusing questions – we did not want to make it worse. Wattletree allows us to deliver a (relatively) simple online onboarding experience to the investor. The quarterly Wattletree reports then show the percentage of clients within each stated target market using big data.

The whole point of this legislation was to move away from disclosure (a.k.a. box ticking) towards actually thinking about the needs of investors. We did not see how yet another tick box saying “I have read and agree that I am within the TMD” would satisfy this objective, or for that matter the regulator. Wattletree reporting means we can take action by adjusting distribution settings, product features and marketing communications to ensure better consumer outcomes without making the investor jump through hoops.”

So that’s pretty cool yes?

We are running the Fundhost data this week, and very soon, Drew and the Fundhost team will know if their current clients are within their TMDs, and therefore, what will likely be the results of quarterly reporting at the end of the year. What a weight off!

Drew can get back to focusing on the million other things on his plate, and we can support Fundhost to deliver the spirt as well as the letter of the legislation. I’m pretty chuffed actually 🙂

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