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3 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Don’t know about you, but lockdown, home schooling, work - it all just got to me for a while there. But I’m back! And we are announcing a partnership with a funds management client! I am very excited. Read on to find out more! PS: is there...

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7 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

Something that has struck me recently, is that financial services compliance, risk and governance is very much focused on process. Which is understandable. But where does that leave outcomes? Do we even care about the outcome as long as we have a good* process? Read...

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8 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

Firstly, a quick reminder that DDO requires all your marketing materials to be updated with either info about the target market or where to find the TMD. Don’t leave it to the last minute! Secondly, I’m hearing that lots of issuers are now turning their thoughts to...

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9 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

Aaaaand we’re into single digit weeks. 9 weeks to go today. OMG. Anyway, moving on… I thought you might like to learn a bit more about Marketsoft, the other half of Wattletree. Wattletree is jointly owned by Mayflower and Marketsoft. Just who is Marketsoft? Read on my...

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11 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

Let’s talk about making life easier. ‘Cos between lockdown, DDO, IDR, Breach Reporting and just general end of year stuff, I know most people are struggling. Plus it’s only 10 weeks until DDO goes live! GAHHHHH!!!! So here are a few (totally not Wattletree-related)...

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12 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

I’ve had lots of people ask me if Wattletree is going to include complaints (the collection and dissemination thereof) and my answer is ‘Not on your nelly!!’. There’s a number of reasons for this*, but one of the main ones is' ‘not everything needs a big IT solution’....

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13 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

In this day and age, data sharing is part of doing business. Between salesforce/marketo/etc, AWS, external administrators, the ATO and a bunch of others I can’t think of right now, it’s just the way that we do business. Having absolutely everything ‘on prem’ (on...

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14 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

While I’ve had lots of general conversations about Wattletree with platform providers, I’m now moving into the phase of ‘we have clients wanting to use the service so can we please talk about getting data extracts’. It’s tough. As you do when you’re launching a new...

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15 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

I have a suspicion that no-one is ever going to identify a significant dealing. Why? Because everyone seems to expect someone else to find them. Is this OK? I don’t think so. So the question is, how have we got here and what, if anything, should we do about it? Pin...

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16 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

I’ve heard a lot about ‘risk’ in recent weeks when it comes to DDO. However, it’s important to remember that ‘risk’ isn’t an amorphous grey blob, it’s a number of issues, each with different likelihood, significance and mitigants. So, let’s talk about risk baby… Risk...

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