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18 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

Data trusts are the new black. I chaired a session at the ASFA Spotlight on Insurance last week. Real live people. In a room. Talking about insurance… Except mostly we were talking about data. The ‘big idea’ of the day was data trusts. Turns out, Wattletree is a data...

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19 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

What surprises are hiding in your data? Have you ever wondered who your end clients actually are? Are they all ‘45-65 upper middle class’ types (aka typical financial planning clients)? Or is there a wider spread? Or even a couple of distinct subsets. Today, we’re...

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20 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

What if your steps are ALREADY reasonable? Today, a question for you. What if your current marketing and distribution arrangements are in fact delivering the right clients to you? There’s so much focus on ‘building’ reasonable steps, that I feel like we’ve all...

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22 weeks to DDO-day (5 October 2021)

Things are heating up in DDO land. This week, I look at why adviser attestations are great for distributor compliance but not so much for issuers… PS: We met with ASIC yesterday and while they will never endorse any particular solution, they were very enthusiastic...

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23 weeks to DDO-day (5 Oct 2021)

Two ideas this week. One: should you give TMDs to consumers as part of your ‘reasonable steps’? Two: Data standards - should they exist? Short answers - No and Yes! Read on for more… TMDs - who are they good for? Distributors, that’s who. I was a bit perturbed to hear...

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24 weeks to DDO-day (5 Oct 2021)

When I sent out last weeks update, I was delighted to receive a LOT of ‘out of office’ messages. Why? Because reg change is bl**dy hard work and everyone needs to take regular breaks. This week, I thought we’d go back to basics and explain where Wattletree fits in the...

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25 weeks to DDO-day (5 Oct 2021)

This week in the Wattletree news, is there are way to turn DDO from a massive pain in the neck to something positive? And if so, what?! Personally, I’m a big believer in the saying ‘with change comes opportunity’, and goodness me there’s a lot of change at the moment....

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27 weeks to DDO-day (5 Oct 2021)

This week in the Wattletree news, how the h*ll can we just use names and addresses to give you useable information about your clients? Plus, which product types are suitable for Wattletree and how to get a test run done to prove to yourself that this really might just...

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28 weeks to DDO-day (5 Oct 2021)

Hello world! We're getting loads of interest in Wattletree, so I'm starting a weekly update, where I'll let you know the latest product development, FAQs, what we're hearing around the market and more. If you don't want to receive this, please unsubscribe here. No...

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